St Anne's Catholic

Primary School

Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

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St Anne's Catholic

Primary School

Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Work to be Proud of

Today’s football Ace!

Excellent teamwork to spell words!

A fantastic rocket built together. Can you see the wings?

Great work by yourself!

Super Footballing Stars

Well done for finding all the Numicon from 1 to 10

What a creative day! Well done for drawing a lovely picture of you and your special friend and writing your name labels. I’m sure your mummy will enjoy the picture you’ve coloured for her too.

Look at how good I’m getting at writing. I can even use an exclamation mark.

Look at the rosettes from dancing. We’re proud of you!

I got a medal for my dance show. The class gave me a clap!

We both got medals in our first gymnastics competition. Watch out Alice Kinsella!

Fantastic jigsaw puzzle skills

Well done for persevering to complete the jigsaw

Fantastic writing regular words. You’re great!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Congratulations on earning your first swimming certificate!

Well done for making a tower bigger than you!

We worked together to count in order and fill the board. Great team work boys!

I completed the alphabet jigsaw without help. What a great worker!

I sat and concentrated for a long time to cut and stick. He made something scary - Well done!

Well done for being ‘player of the week’ at your hockey lesson. We are all very proud of you!

I made a necklace using the letters in my name. It’s beautiful!

I made a princess crown for my friend in kids club. What a kind friend!