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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

School Closure Home Learning



Dear Year 1 children and parents,


Today, Tuesday 5th January, we start another period of Home Learning!  It is sad that we can't be together but remember that we are doing this to make sure that we are all safe and well. 


Whilst you are at home do your best to follow the lessons from the Daily Learning Schedules which will be uploaded each day and can be found under the big yellow star icon.   Don't worry if you can't or don't do everything on the schedule - do what you can (but choose Phonics and Reading first!).  Most of the tasks will be broken down into 3 steps:  you should all complete step 1 and those of you who are able and willing can complete steps 2 and 3 as well.   We will be sending home a blue Maths book and a red English book for Maths and English activities.  Any written tasks for other subjects such as Science, History and R.E. can also be recorded in the red English book.  We would like you to return these books to school when we are open again, so make sure you do your best to present your work neatly and to keep your books looking smart!


Remember to say your daily prayers and to take time to relax. There are lots of other ideas and resources on this page if you are looking for something more or something different to do.  Parents, if you need any help, support or just have a general query please email me and I will do my best to help.


Enjoy your time at home and remember to have fun!  Please send me some photographs and videos so that I can see what you have been doing and so that they can be shared on this page.  I really look forward to seeing what you get up to during your Home Learning time.  


God willing we will all be back together again soon.


With love from Mrs Trattos







Useful Websites:

Online games - some tablet friendly, but others need Flash.

This website gives parents lots of free simple and fun ideas to promote all areas of learning and keep children engaged.

Twinkl are offering parents free access to learning resources. 

To access the free offer, you will need to visit and log in as a new to Twinkl member using your email address, set up a password and use the code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Alphablocks videos to support phonics.

Watch Mr T does Phonics and Geraldine the Giraffe.

Use your Purple Mash login to play games

Log in using your Username and the 2 animals in your Password. These are found inside your child's home learning exercise books.

A website that gives you information, flash cards and games for phonics. Please focus on Phase 3, Phase 4 & Phase 5.

Practice number bonds. Parents will be able to log in for free during school closures.

Free Resources


Questions to ask your child when sharing a book.

Reading challenge cards.  Why not try one a day?
Reading activities
Phonics Activities
These Phonics Activity mats cover Phase 3, 4 and 5 sounds and there are 6 mats in each pack - plenty to do!  Each mat can be completed in one sitting or you could break down the individual tasks within the coloured boxes and do them at different times of the day between other activities.  Answers included (for parents eyes only!)
Tricky Words
Mindfulness and Relaxation
Daily Exercise
                          HOME LEARNING: MARCH - JULY 2020

In the event of school closure, home learning activities and ideas will be added to this page. The main focus will be basic skills such as phonics activities, writing, maths skills and activities and games to keep children engaged.


You currently have reading books your child can read. Please focus on one book per week. This one book will be changed in school. There are lots of flash cards on the Phonics page of this website to help further with segmenting and blending to read up to Phase 5 words which is the expected stage of achievement by the end of Year 1. Please work on revising the Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs and the Phase 5 alternatives. Use the flash cards with words to support your child segmenting and blending to read regular words using phoneme fingers. You could then use these flash cards as dictation ideas as per Reception homework. Your child could also try to put these words into sentences to write. More information about phonics can be seen on the phonics page of Year One website.


Share stories and books with your child. Talk about these stories and discuss new language and vocabulary. Talk about characters and things that have happened in the story. Identify and make a list of rhyming words. Your child could then write their own versions of these stories and it would be good if your child could create some stories of their own.


Your child will have brought home two exercise books (one lined and one plain paper) for you to use at home to record any activities you wish. In the meantime, please ensure you have pencils, crayons, felt tips, scissors, glue and possibly collage materials for your child to use whilst away from school. Puzzles and games would also support children during this time.

Home Learning Photographs Week 1
Easter Egg Competition

Dear Parents


Firstly I would like to say how sad I am having not been able to be with the children this last week in these most challenging of circumstances.  Please pass on my love to them.


Starting from Monday 23rd March, each morning by 9am I will upload a Daily Learning Schedule onto this page.  The schedule will provide the children with a range of tasks and activities for Phonics, Reading, Maths and more. 


I will do my best to describe the tasks clearly and succinctly and to explain what the children need to do.  There may be more than one step to each task.  All children should be able to access the first step and, if your child is able and willing, they can then try step 2 and 3.


I fully understand the challenges that you as parents will be facing over the coming weeks, especially with children so young.  Please be assured that if you have any queries regarding the Learning Schedule, I will be on hand to help - just send me an email.


I look forward to receiving any feedback from you regarding home learning – a new challenge for us all!  Photos of the children with their work would be very much welcome.  Thank you.


Kind regards

Mrs Trattos