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St Anne's Catholic

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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Minnie Vinnies - Turning Concern into Action 2018-2019

Friday 7th June


We will be hosting a sponsored sleepover in our school field/hall to raise funds for St. Basil's who help young homeless people and for our school.  Please sponsor us- it will make a great difference.


Wednesday 27th March 2019

Our next events are going to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House which is attached to the Birmingham Children's Hospital.  They would like us to purchase a Henry Hoover and two Little Tikes Cars.  


Our first event is going to be a gift shop, we will be opening our shop from Monday 20th May to Friday 24th May.  We would like all of the pupils, parents and friends of St. Anne's to donate newly knitted items, teddy bears and other cuddly toys, craft items, books or jewellery.  We will sell all of these items for a small charge.  Please be generous with your donations.


Our second event is going to be a Sweet and Chocolate Tombola, we are asking for donations of sweets and chocolate in return for a MUFTI Day and we will then have a Tombola and a Bingo Session in school on Friday the 24th May.


Please support us with all of these events.  Our target is to raise £250.00.


Thank you

Molly, Erin and Isabel

7th March 2019 - World Book Day


On Thursday 7th March, six children from our Mini Vinnies group will be going to Birmingham Children’s Hospital – dressed as a variety of book characters to read to the children who are attending outpatient appoinments at the hospital. We are thrilled to have this opportunity and are really looking forward to reading to the children and hopefully cheering them up at a time when they might be scared and stressed. Mini Vinnies motto is to ‘turn our concern into action’ and we hope to do this by giving something back to those who are suffering and to their families.


05.02.2019 - Pyjama Day Update


The Mini Vinnies are doing a pyjama day/ crazy hair day! We are doing this to help Acorns Children Hospice. donations are a minimum of 1 pound. you are allowed to: 

Paint your nails

Spray you hair a different colour

Wear a crazy hat

Wear your pyjamas

There will be  prizes for the craziest dressed.  This is happening is 15.02.2019


15.02.2019 - Pyjama Day Update


We are thrilled to announce that the total sum raised for the hospice was £250. Thank you all for your generosity.


Advent Fund Raising - Letter to Parents

Dear St Anne’s parents or guardians,

Mrs Johnston and the mini Vinnies have decided that we will have a St Anne’s Advent Appeal. The children will be asked to bring washing powder, shaving gel, and bathroom products e.g. toothbrushes or shampoo. This should be presented in a hamper or bag and brought to school then the Mini Vinnies will take the donations to Walsall north food bank, Thomas project and the Glebe centre.

We hope that these donations will improve the lives of others that are not as fortunate as us and help them to enjoy Christmas.

Isabelle Burke (10)




We will be launching details of this in Assembly, on the website and on Headlines, on Friday the 23rd November please look out for this.  We hope that everyone will support us with this very worthwhile campaign.


The Forget-me-not carol service - UPDATE

On the 12th December the year 6 class and the Mini Vinnies went to St Anne's church and sang 5 Christmas songs to the elderly parishioners and the Forget-me-not group.The children walked to the church with the teachers with Christmas hats on and sang to the parishioners and the Forget-me-not group. After they sang they gave out the Christmas cards that they had made the day before. The parishioners said thank you to the children for their lovely singing and cards. Then the children walked back to school to continue their busy school day. 

The reason they did this was they wanted to share their gifts and talents to the group as they wanted to show that they will not forget the people who have dementia.


Molly-Rose Byrne


Forget Me Not Group Christmas Carol Concert

On Wednesday 12th December we will be entertaining the Forget Me Not group at St. Anne's Church at 10:45am.  We will be singing our songs from Christmas Movies and some traditional Carols also.  We have asked Year 6 to come along and join us.


Streetly Litter Pick

Our litter pick was a great success.  We spent an hour cleaning up on Blackwood Road and around St Anne's Church and we were very pleased with our efforts.  Thank you to everyone who came along to support us.


Streetly Litter Pick Notice

We are currently organising a litter pick, which will be happening on Blackwood Road on Wednesday 24th October 2018.  As a group we decided to do this litter pick because we want to clean up our environment, and potentially save animals from harm as a result of this litter. 


We will be starting at 3:30pm and will continue until 4:30pm.  If anyone else wants to come and join us to clean our environment, then please come along with your parents.  Jesus teaches us to be a good neighbour, therefore we want to look after our neighbourhood and encourage others to do this also.


Starting point will be the school gate, we will walk to St. Anne's Church and back again.  All of those who help with the Litter Pick will receive a certificate for helping to make a difference.


Written by Molly Rose Byrne (10)


Minnie Vinnies this Year

Mini Vinnies is a Christian organisation which gets children to put their faith into action.  Members give support to people in their community, meeting them face to face and trying to help them in any way they can.

We meet every Wednesday from 3:30pm - 4:30pm in the old library.  All children from Year 5 and Year 6 are eligible to join. The group have discussed different activities/events that we would like to do for example:

Visiting elderly people

Helping at an animal rescue centre

"Streetly's got Talent or Streetly Come Dancing" we will perform for the elderly in our parish

Helping at the local food bank

Litter picking

Christmas gifts for less fortunate people

Volunteering at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Sleep Out for the homeless