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St Anne's Catholic

Primary School

Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Our Class Saint

St Vincent de Paul – Year 6 Class Saint

St Vincent de Paul is the Patron Saint of Charity.

Vincent experienced being sent by God to do what Jesus did - to be a servant to the poor. He prayed that the Community he founded – the Congregation of the Mission - would be faithful to that call.


10 things about St Vincent de Paul...

1. St Vincent de Paul was born on April 25, 1581.

2. He was born in Pouy, in the south west of France. It is now named Vincent de Paul in his honour.

3. Vincent became a priest in 1600. He was 19 years old.

4. He cared for those who were sick.

5. When he found poor children he would give them food, clothing, toys and his love.

6. To help Vincent work with the poor, he asked men and women to help him.

7. The men are called the “Congregation of the Mission”. He started this group of men in 1625.

8. The women are called the “Daughters of Charity. He founded this with Louise de Marillac in 1633.

9. The Daughters of Charity helped Vincent to minister to the sick, poor and abandoned children.

10. Vincent died on 27th September, 1660. This is when we celebrate Vincent’s feast day.


Some things St Vincent de Paul said… Vincent de Paul

“Aren’t the poor the suffering members of our Lord? Aren’t they our brothers and sisters? If priests abandon them, who do you want to look after them? We should assist the poor in every way and do it by ourselves and by enlisting the help of others…To do this is to preach the gospel by words and by work.”


Let us pray …

Lord Jesus, teach me by your example…

Make me, through all of my efforts, be a shining light to all people and all things around me.

I want to always do things that make you happy.

Look over me and please give me the strength and the wisdom to continue to do your work on earth.



St. Vincent de Paul

Year 6 Class Saint Display