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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.






September 2021


Dear Parents


Welcome to Reception's Class web page. This page is intended to help both the parents, children and families in their journey through Reception. Please use the icons above to navigate through this page.


Please continue to refer to the many help and advice sheets given out at the New Parent Meetings in June, the class website and the Parent Support Pages on the main school website. 


Starting School in September

Children start Reception Class on Monday 6th September. Please bring your child to the infant playground at their allotted time slot where Mrs Johnston, Mrs Long and myself will be there waiting for them.


Please make sure that you have ordered a lunch for your child from the first day via the Dolce webpage and you have signed up to receive Parent Mail communications from school. 


Please make sure your child's uniform is fully named so that uniform can be returned.  Remember - all jumpers look the same! A printed name stamper is a quick, easy and effective way of naming uniform. If you have other children, you might want to have one with just the surname so it can be used for the whole family. There is a weblink on the 'General Information about Reception' page.



During warmer and sunnier days, please ensure your child has a named sun hat to wear. Children spend lots of time outside. This will help protect them from the sun. Please also apply sun cream before school. We encourage children to drink lots on warmer days and refill drink bottles with water whenever needed. We also talk about the need to find shade to play and relax. Your child might not need a thick coat every day, but a thin waterproof coat is useful as the weather can often change through the day. Once the weather becomes colder, please make sure your child has an appropriate coat, hat and gloves.


Timings for the day 


Staggered Arrive8.30am - 8.50am
Lunch11.30am - 12.20pm
End of the Day3.15pm


Class Library

Class Library will take place every Friday. Children will choose a book from the class library box and bring this home. It is intended that you share this story with your child at home and then return this book to school the following Friday. 



Children will not have an individual reading book to start with. We intend to introduce many of the sounds in our Phonics lessons before moving to home reading books. As soon as we start Phonics, your child will be given a phonics sound book to help them practice recognising the sounds at home. Once many sounds have been taught, each child will then have a reading book and reading record. Please make sure these are inside their reading packet every day. Please also spend a short period of time as regularly as possible (4-5 days a week) to practice reading skills and share these books with your child. This includes sharing sound books, playing phonics games, practicing reading regular word flash cards and playing games on the Phonics Play website. Please also look on the 'Reading & Phonics' webpage for further help and advise on supporting your child with reading at home. You will be invited to a Parent Workshop in September to help you support your child to learn to read and write at home.


Woodlands School

Our Woodlands School visit will take place every Friday afternoon once the children are settled into Reception. Children should come to school in their school uniform and bring their Woodlands School clothing in a separate bag. They will change after lunch into this clothing. We ask that you provide suitable clothing for wet, cold and muddy play:

  • Trousers / leggings / jogging bottoms
  • T-shirt / fleece / jumper
  • All-in-one waterproof suit / waterproof raincoat
  • Spare socks (girls when wearing tights)
  • Hat / gloves
  • Wellies / walking boots (please put these in a separate bag inside their Woodlands School Bag to help with managing in class)


Be aware that your child may still come home dirty, so ensure they are wearing old clothing you don't mind getting dirty. Please make sure you send their footwear in a separate bag. Don't forget to look on the photographs webpage to see what we have been doing.



Please remember to send PE pump bags into school. You will be advised of our main PE day in September. Children will change for PE in school. We encourage children to make every attempt to dress and undress independently, but will be on hand to help where needed. Pump bags will stay in school and come home at the end of every half term. They should be returned after the holiday. 



Please consider joining the school's active PTA. Meetings take place at 7pm in the school. If you do not want to join the committee or cannot attend the meetings, you can still help at the events. You can help by offering your skills, making a donation and supporting the many fantastic PTA events.  Please let me know and I will pass on your offer to the PTA. Please keep an eye on Parent Mail and Mrs Johnston's weekly Headlines for the date of our next PTA meeting. Fingers crossed we will be able to hold more events this year.


If you have any questions, worries or queries, please use the contact email form below or your child's blue Links Books which will be given out on their first day. 


Mrs Turley




    Mrs Turley - Class Teacher    Mrs Long - Teaching Assistant      Miss Oldbury - Teaching Assistant 

    General Reminders / Information

    • Please make sure that uniform, PE kits, coats and drinking flasks are clearly named (if it moves or can be taken of - name it!) especially if your child has new uniform. Please do not use pen to write a name things as it will come off after a wash or become rubbed off. Don't forget to put your child's name on the outside of their reading packet and pump bag too. It is especially helpful to add a key ring onto the reading packet and pump bag to help your child identify it
    • Travelling Ted will go home regularly with his travel bag with a child who the staff are particularly proud of that day
    • The 'Prayer Bag' will go home every day on a rota basis
    • The 'PE Bag' will go home every day on a rota basis
    • Music lessons with Mrs Taylor - Friday (once started)
    • PE lessons - Thursday
    • Woodlands School - Friday - please send in spare clothing suitable for wet, cold and muddy play - see above for information
    • Please check and clear your child's reading packet every evening. They will be filled with letters, fliers, party invites, children's pictures etc
    • Please ensure that earrings are of a small stud style and removed for PE days 
    • Please make sure hair is tied up completely in ponytails or plaits and not in a half up / half down style to help stop the spread of head lice
    • Please make sure that packed lunches include healthy choices and are not too big - Children should not be bringing sweets or chocolate to school
    • Please make sure that you always order your child's school dinner through the Dolce website (especially after a weekend or holiday)
    • If your child is late in the morning, please take them directly to the main office
    • If you want to give the class a treat  on your child's birthday, then please provide a small packet of sweets or chocolate bar. We do not have the facilities for sharing big birthday cakes and anything larger can make some parents and children feel uncomfortable.


    *Please note, that dates and times are subject to change. Please keep your eye on Mrs Johnston's weekly Headlines Parent Mail*

    **Please note, that due to the current Coronavirus pandemic, dates and parental involvement are subject to change**




    • Thursday 2nd September - School closed for staff training
    • Friday 3rd September - School closed for staff training
    • Monday 6th September - Children start school in 10 minute time slots 9am - 9.30am. Please bring them to the playground
    • Tuesday 7th September - Children to come to school via the Blackwood Road entrance during the staggered opening times from 8.30am - 8.50am
    • Friday 17th September - Reception 'Meet the Teacher' at 2.30pm. Please come to school where you will be directed to Reception class
    • Friday 17th September - PTA Film Night 6.30pm. Information to follow via ParentMail
    • Friday 24th September - MacMillan Coffee Morning. Arrangements TBA
    • Friday 24th September - Literacy at St Anne's Parent Workshop at 2.30pm. Please come to the main Reception where you will be directed to Reception Class
    • October - Walk to school month
    • October - Devotions to Our Lady
    • Tuesday 12th October - Flu Spray
    • Friday 22nd October - Whole School Sponsored Walk in school
    • Friday 22nd October - School closes for Half Term




    • Monday 1st November - Children return to school
    • Friday 12th November - Vocations Day - Any parent who would like to come and talk to the children about their job, please speak to Mrs Turley
    • Monday 15th November - Anti-Bullying Week
    • Friday 19th November - Coffee Afternoon for EYFS family member. Arrangements TBA
    • Monday 22nd November - St Cecilia Day (our class saint) celebrations in class
    • Thursday 25th November - Parent Progress Meetings. Arrangements TBA
    • Friday 26th November - Chocolate Mufti Day (children to wear their own clothes and bring in a bar/box of chocolates for the chocolate tombola at the Christmas Fayre)
    • Tuesday 30th November - St Andrew's Day celebrations. Children wear school uniform with token blue (blue hair bobbles, blue socks / tights, blue tie etc)
    • Friday 3rd December - Bottle Mufti Day (children to wear their own clothes and bring in a bottle of alcohol for the bottle tombola at the Christmas Fayre)
    • Friday 10th December - PTA Christmas Fayre 4pm - 6pm
    • Monday 13th December - EYFS Nativity Play at 2.30pm
    • Tuesday 14th December - EYFS Nativity Play at 10am
    • Wednesday 15th December - Christmas Jumpers Day £1 to charity
    • Wednesday 15th December - Class Parties pm
    • Thursday 16th December - Christmas Cracker Pantomime for EYFS children
    • Thursday 16th December - School closes for Christmas holiday
    • Friday 17th December - School Closed for staff training




    • Tuesday 4th January - Children return to school
    • Friday 7th January - Unwanted Christmas Gifts Mufti (children to wear their own clothes and bring in any unwanted Christmas gifts. These then go to our Mothering Sunday Shop in March)
    • Friday 11th February - Our Lady of Lourdes feast day (our class devotion to Mary)
    • Friday 18th February - School closes for half term




    • Monday 28th February - Children return to school
    • Tuesday 1st March - St David's Day celebrations. Children wear school uniform with token yellow (yellow hair bobbles, yellow socks / tights, yellow tie etc)
    • Friday 4th March - St Anne's World Book Day celebrations (children dress up as their favourite book character and bring in their favourite book to school)
    • Thursday 17th March - St Patrick's Day celebrations. Children wear school uniform with token green (green hair bobbles, green socks / tights, green tie etc)
    • Monday 21st March - Mothering Sunday Shop open in school time. Please send £2.50 if you want your child to take part
    • Wednesday 6th April - Easter Bingo & Decorated Easter Egg Competition
    • Thursday 7th April - School closes for Easter holiday
    • Friday 8th April - School closed for staff training




    • Monday 25th April - Children return to school
    • Monday 2nd May - School closed for May Bank Holiday
    • Monday 16th May - Walk to school week
    • Wednesday 25th May - Whole School & Parish May Procession
    • Friday 27th May - School closes for half term




    • Monday 6th June - Children return to school
    • Friday 1st July - Sweet Jar Mufti Day (children to wear their own clothes and bring in a decorated jar of sweets  for the sweet tombola at the PTA Garden Party)
    • Thursday 7th July - Bottle Mufti Day (children to wear their own clothes and bring in a bottle of alcohol for the bottle tombola at the PTA Garden Party)
    • Friday 8th July - Sports Day
    • Friday 8th July - PTA Summer Garden Party after school
    • Friday 22nd July - School closes for Summer holiday


    Contact Mrs Turley