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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

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St Anne's Catholic

Primary School

Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Weekly Worship with Dan & Emily from One Life Music

Dan & Emily from One Life Music have visited St Anne's a few times over the last year. They deliver the annual staff retreat and last year delivered an amazing whole school retreat that the children enjoyed. We still sing some of the hymns they taught us. Join them in their weekly prayer via their YouTube videos below.


Log on to their website here for more information: 

Weekly Worship 1

This is the first of a series of Liturgies and Song to be shared and used in your homes and schools to bring us closer to God and one another during this time.

Remember Me - Maundy Thursday

Dan and Emily's offering for #MaundyThursday as we unite as #OneChurchatHome remembering those words Jesus said to us. 'Do This in Memory of Me' #HolyWeek2020

Weekly Worship & Song 2 - Good Friday

The second in a series of Worship and Song with Dan and Emily for the home and school. This particular episode would be most suitable to share on Good Friday.

Alleluia Praise Him

Alleluia Praise Him, Alleluia Praise His Name. #OneChurchatHome #HolyWeek2020 #HappyEaster

Weekly Worship & Song 3

The third in the series of Weekly Worship and Song with Dan and Emily for school and the home. #Easter2020 #JesusHasRisen #OneChurchatHome

Weekly Worship & Song 4

We are really pleased to share the fourth in the series of Weekly Worship and Song. #TheRoadToEmmaus #OneChurchatHome #Easter2020

Weekly Worship & Song 5

Week Five of the Weekly Worship & Song Series is a continuation of Week fours Gospel The Road to Emmaus. When the two disciples rush to tell the others what ...

Weekly Worship & Song 6

The Fourth Sunday of Easter was #GoodShepherdSunday also know as #VocationsSunday. This weeks Liturgy invites us to answer Gods call to be a Gift to the World.

Weekly Worship & Song 7

This weeks Weekly Worship & Song has a focus on Jesus the Prince of Peace, reminding us how Jesus tells us His Disciples not to be afraid. #Easter2020

One Life Music - Hail Mary

If times had been a little more normal, we had planned to be releasing some #NewMusic around now. However, with our last studio date being postponed and our finances challenged, we will be holding on a little longer. But we thought perhaps we’d share the odd #NewHymn now and with this being the Month of Our Lady we thought we’d start with our new tune to the #HailMary #May2020

Weekly Worship & Song 8

This weeks Weekly Worship and Song puts it's focus on Mary, in this month of May when we pay particular attention to Our Lady in our prayers. This episode reminds us of Mary's belief in her Son as we ask her to intercede for us and lead us closer to Jesus. #Easter2020 #Mary #OneChurchatHome