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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

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St Anne's Catholic

Primary School

Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

House Groups

House Groups at St Anne’s 


Each child at St Anne’s is a part of a house group. There are four house groups based on the gospel writers:


  • St. Matthew 

  • St. Mark 

  • St. Luke

  • St. John


Each house group is assigned two House Captains from Year 6. The House Captains change regularly so that all children in Year 6 get the opportunity to lead their house. Their role involves representing their house, motivating their house, collecting trophies and being leading examples for their team. Teachers and Teaching Assistants are also assigned a house group.


House Staff Feast Day Colour
St Matthew

Miss Jones        Mrs Trattos

Mrs deMonte     Mrs Benton

Mrs Kaur

20th September Red
St Mark

Mr Johnston      Mrs Robinson

Mrs Edgerton    Miss Wallace

Mr Walker       Mrs Windsor

25th April Blue
St Luke

Mrs Turley       Mr Caddick

Mrs Long         Mrs Sharpe

Mrs Baker        Mrs Flower

18th October Yellow
St John

Miss Keedwell    Mrs Lingwood 
Mrs D’Arcy       Miss Oldbury

Mrs Weng        Miss Rollaston

27th December Green

Children receive house points for lots of different things in school. Examples of opportunities to receive house points are: good behaviour, using manners, being polite and helpful, producing excellent work, contributing to class discussions and being positive role models around school.  


When a child receives a house point, they record it in their classrooms. Each week, a team of Year 6 pupils count these house points and the results are announced in Our Congratulations Assembly each Friday. Ribbons in the colours of the winning team are tied around the trophy (which was donated to the school by a pupil on leaving the school) and the trophy is then placed on display for the rest of the week. The house group is also awarded a star on the house chart. The house group with the most stars is the termly winner. All children in the winning house at the end of the term is awarded a prize.


On the Friday closest to their Saints feast day, the children are invited to wear coloured accessories to match their house colour, for example, socks or tights, tie, jumper, hair bobbles etc. 

Well done to the winning house