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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

School Closure Home Learning

January School Closure 2021

Monday, January 11th 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


I have changed the layout of the Home Learning to make it hopefully easier to view. As you can see below the weeks are arranged with a star icon. If you click on the star for the relevant week it will show you the planning for each day. Please don't worry if you have not managed to get everything done, the activities are all there as resource for you and your child to use. Please send me in a picture of your child doing the activities once a week or let me know how your child is getting on.


I have tried to add my voice where I can and where is relevant to Power Points. If you click on the sound icon on the left top corner of the Power Point you should be able to hear me. I have done this to try and help your child and keep up that point of contact with them. I have also included some videos to help where I can.


If you are having problems hearing sound with Apple Products try these tips:

* Download the 'Keynote' app if you haven't already got it (it's free).

* When on the school website, click download the Power Point and not just view.

*Open Keynote

* Find the Power Point in your downloads and select it.

*Press play and you should be able to view the slide show and  hear the sound.

* Tap the screen only once to hear the sound, there will not be any icons like on the computer but when the talking stops tap again, it will either take you to the next slide or continue with more sound. 



Learning through play is so important at this stage of development for your child and go with what they are really enjoying with home learning. Nursery is all about having fun and learning the basics, gaining independence and to provide a solid foundation for the rest of their school learning. Please find time each day to share a story with your child. Talk to them about the characters in the story and ask them questions. Encourage counting as part of daily routine, e.g. as you go up and downstairs, counting the steps. We know that children are in different stages with mark making/writing, some are ready and some are at the really early stages, so do not feel under pressure. The best thing you could do to help your child is to encourage correct 'duck fingers' when mark-making and when trying to write or copy letters, to use our school font.  Recognising their own name is really important so if they are not ready to copy or trace get them to follow the letters with their fingers, we call these 'magic fingers'.  If they are using scissors, help them with a correct scissor hold. Continue to encourage their independence with putting on and taking off their coats, washing hands etc.

The most important thing of all is that your child feels happy, safe and loved. We really hope they enjoy all of our activities and please keep sending in photographs of them doing their home learning activities so I can share them with you. Please tell your children we are missing them and that we can't wait to see them when we can all be together again. 


Stay safe and well,

Love and Prayers,


Mrs Edgerton and the Nursery Team



Mrs Edgerton message: How to make a Nativity Scene

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How to write the number 4

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Home Closure Learning Photographs January 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,


I have put ideas and activities for you to do with your children below. Please do not feel under any pressure to complete them, they are there as a resource for you to use. The most important thing is for your children to be feeling happy and secure during these difficult times. Learning through play is the most important at this stage in their development so please be assured that as long as they are playing and having fun they are learning! If you have any questions please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Please tell your children that we are missing them and that we are looking forward to being together again learning, playing and exploring!


Sending our love and prayers,


Mrs Edgerton and the Nursery Team

Home Learning: Colours

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Home Learning Videos

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Summer Term 2 Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers,


This is the start of Summer Term 2 and our topics are 'Fairy Tales' and 'Summer'. We hope you have all been enjoying the fantastic weather and we really hope it continues especially during this home learning period. We wish to thank you all for your kind messages of support and all the pictures you send in of the children. We are so happy to see that the activities we set are of use to you and are helping your child's learning. Please tell the children how much we miss them and  that we are very proud of them. 


Stay safe and best wishes to you all,


Mrs Edgerton and Mrs Lingwood


Home Learning Video

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Meeting a baby foal!

Home Learning Videos

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Home Learning Video!

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Summer Term: April 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


Firstly, thank you for all your support and positive comments. We are so happy that the activities we are setting are helping you at home.  We love all the pictures of your child’s learning, please keep sending them in.


This term is all about ‘Growing and Summer’. We really hope you enjoy all the activities and have as much fun as you can with your children. Please do not feel under pressure to complete all the activities for each day, they are there for ideas and you can always catch up another day if you wish.


This term please encourage your child with the correct pencil grip (duck fingers) and correct letter formation where you can when they are mark-making.


The government have been busy coordinating an initiative called 'Oak National Academy' which has brought together teachers and experts to create a learning platform that you can use at home. It went live as of April 20th 2020. There are video presentations from Early Years teachers to support learning at home. You might want to supplement your child's day with these. There is not a Nursery section but if you click on the Reception link you can find some things that may be useful for Nursery.


Wednesday, 22nd April is World Earth Day. You could tell your children how they are helping the Earth by staying home in this current situation. Talk to your child about re-using things and recycling. Do they know what to recycle at home?


Most of all we want to reassure you all that you are doing an amazing job at home with your children, it is not easy to juggle everything. The most important thing is if your child is happy and safe, anything missed will be caught up at a later date at school so please don’t worry.


Please send our love and prayers to your children, stay safe and well,


The Nursery Team.





Fun Easter Activities!

Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Friday, 27th March 2020

Wednesday, 25th March, 2020

Tuesday, 24th March 2020

Easter Egg Pictures

Dear Parents/Carers,


In the event of school closure we will update our webpage with ideas of things you can do with your children at home. In Nursery learning is very much through play and phonics. We have sent a home learning book home with your child (if they have been in school today). Please do not feel under pressure to fill it, but it is there for you to record activities with your child as you wish.


In the meantime here are some useful websites:


Useful websites:

This website gives parents lots of free simple and fun ideas to promote all areas of learning.

Online games - some tablet friendly, but others need Flash.

Twinkl are offering parents free access to learning resources. We might use links in the home learning, but you will have access to this for your own ideas and activities.

To access the free offer, you will need to visit and log in as a new to Twinkl member using your email address, set up a password and use the code: UKTWINKLHELPS

Videos, games and activities linked to their favourite characters.

A website that gives you information, flash cards and games for phonics. We are currently working at Phase 1 and have just started Phase 2: ‘s, a, t’ 


Please see the Useful Websites page for more ideas -



Many thanks for your continued support,


The Nursery Team