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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Year 3 Homework and Website Links

Homework for May 20th

Children have written a story in history based on the Battle of Hastings. Children do not need to add to their story, rather go over it and uplevel it. By that I mean checking and improving punctuation, grammar, vocabulary and handwriting. They are asked to write up their best version either handwritten or typed for Wednesday. We will then choose the best piece of writing and the winner will receive a certificate and horrible histories book in a school assembly along with other year groups. The children have photocopies of their stories on their bags . Children who went to Dodgeball will need to complete theirs at school on Monday and then take home.

Many thanks

Homework for Friday 13th

I have kept the I belong Books at school this weekend. For homework , please can children do a simple family tree, that links back to Grandparents or even Grandparents. This will link in with our History work. many thanks

Homework for Summer Term 1

Dear Parents,

Every week up until their Holy Communion, I will be giving children activities to do in their I Belong books. I will tell children the pages they must complete and the children must have their books in school on a Thursday for our R.E lesson. It is important that children take responsibility for bringing the book in each week for Thursday's lesson otherwise they will not be able to participate in the lesson. This homework is for all children. Underneath this message, I will post some calculation tests. If children wish to do one of these

each week, then they are welcome to. Many thanks for your support.



Homework for Friday 11th March

Dear Parents,

This weekend I would like children to work on their reading journals. Some chidlren have worked really hard and have almost completed 12 activities of a good or even better standard. once they have completed 12 activities, they will receive a certificate in assembly from Mr Caddick. It would be great if children could complete 2 activities this week for Wednesday. I am allowing them to choose a book from school but please may they be returned to school. I handed out a copy of Greta and the Giants to a child in year 3 but don't seem to have received it back. If anyone has it , I would be grateful for it to be returned. Many thanks 

Homework for Friday 4th March

The spelling list for the half term is now on the website under this message, week one will be next friday. Our topic this half term is Geography: our local area and pollution. For homework, I am asking the children to draw a simple map of where they live. It should include their road and any adjacent roads and buildings of interest. It could have a key , which is something we have learned to create in class. Many thanks 

Spellings for spring 2

Homework for Friday 10th February

We are writing reports about Tutankhamun on a document in google Classrooms. I am asking children to go into the document and improve what they have already written and add in any extra facts in any section that they may find out. However, please be mindful that children should put the correct information in the correct section as this is part of their teaching and learning (which information goes in which section) . 

There are four subheadings:

How and when did Tutankhamun become pharaoh?

What did he do when he ruled Ancient Egypt?

How did he die and where was he buried? 

Who was Howard Carter?

Children can add images and change their fonts so that the headings and subheadings are clear. 


Thank you for your support .

Homework Friday 28th january

This week we will focus on History for our homework. We have been learning about the pharoahs of Ancient Egypt. For homeowrk, chidlren can chose one Pharoah to research and write an information sheet about him or her. They can do this in which ever format they chose, Google classrrom is also fine. please do not chose Tutankhamen, as we will be doing this in class. Many Thanks

Homework for 21st January


As you may be aware, I have been absent this week. We have marked and handed out all of the homework booklets which had been handed in. However, very few were handed in. If your child has his/her booklet at home, please remind them to hand it in on Wednesday's. The pages this week are pages 18, 19 and 20. I will check who has handed in their books on Wednesday. I have lots of reading journals to hand out, these will be handed out on Monday. 


Many thanks for your cooperation.

Homework for January 15th 

I have handed out all the maths homework books that have been handed in to me for this week's homework. We are using the Headstart book year3 part 1. we are still revising addition and subtraction. For sums in addition where we do not cross over to the next ten or hundred we just use place value. So 123 add 234 = first we add one hundred and two hundred= 200, then 20 add 30= 50 then 3 add 4 = 7. there is no need to do column method for these as we can do these mentally but should start by identifying the hundreds, the tens and the the units. These sums should be done quickly and with relative ease. The same ones for subtractions where the first numbers digits are higher than the second. For more difficult sums, where you cannot do it mentally partitioning or the number line method are advised. if your child knows column method you may use this but it has not been aught at school. I will attatch a sheet below showing partitioning and number lines for calculating. Please do pages 15, 17, 18. The book also suggests other methods which you can also use. 

Calculation method s

Dear Parents,

The spellings for this half term are attached below. Each week we follow a spelling rule but also I have added four words at the bottom of each list which children are misspelling quite frequently. Please try to keep up with spelling practice as the spellings have been an area that children have found difficult due to the disruptions they have had to their learning. Many thanks

Spellings for Spring 1

Homework for Friday 7th January

The spellings for next Friday are the last week of autumn 2 spellings. They are in pink because they are the common exception words for Year 3/4. The children found these very tricky therefore I am repeating the test. I have given the children a new booklet of learn its which practises up to step 6. They have 60 seconds for each page. I did not give out new booklets to children who said they had not completed their booklet from the holidays. Optional homework for Wednesday is to prepare a short presentation explaining why you would like to be an Eco Representative for the Eco Council at saint Anne's. We will have an Eco council to put in place environmentally friendly initiatives in school. This has been explained to the children. Many thanks

Christmas homework and Maths tasks from January 2021

As of January, each Friday children will be given a booklet of maths questions to complete throughout the week at home. The booklet contains 'Learn it Challenges'. Each Friday in school, children will be given a page of 'Learn it challenge' questions to complete in a given time and if they are able to do this they will move onto the next level of the 'Learn It Challenges'. In year 3, we will start on Step 5 of the challenge. On step 5 children have 30 seconds to complete the questions on the page. If for example, a child completes a page correctly of step 5 in 30 seconds, they will move onto step 6 and so on. The booklet is for the chidlren to have 5 gos at home to challenge themselves. They do not need to hand in the booklet or show it to me, it is just for their practice. Below outlines the amount of time children are allowed on each step. Children should be able to tell you what step they are on each week. I will rexplain this to the chidlren before the Christmas holidays and give them one booklet to have a go at over the holidays. 

Step 5 = 30 seconds

Step 6- 13 = 60 seconds

Steps 14 and 15 = 30 seconds. 

Act of Contrition/ Sorry Prayer

George’s marvellous medicine chapters

Homework for Friday December 10th

I would like children to read chapters 8 and 9  of George's Marvellous medicine and complete the two sheets. The sheets do not need to be printed, the work can be done in their reading journals if you prefer. I have handed out books to half the class ( as I only have 15) and the chapters are also uploaded here as a document. Please can children make sure they return the books as they are my only copies. Also, above I have added the document Reconciliation 2021, here children who are reading will find their parts for the Mass on Wednesday 15th.

 Many Thanks

Homework for Friday 10th December

Year 3/ 4 common exception word list


Every week children will have a spelling test on Friday morning. The test will be done in a small spelling book. Children will bring this book home on Friday to show you their porgress but please return the book to school by the next Friday. The spelling list is below. The first week's spelling test will be on Friday 18th September. If you need the list printed out, please let me know. Other homework will also be handed out on Friday and should be handed in by Wednesday to be marked. Reading journal tasks will also be given from mid- September. This homework will be posted here on Friday of that week. 



Homework for 26th November


This week we have started writing our own version of George's Marvellous Medicine. Children have started typing it up under documents on their Google Classsroom. Chidlren have been logging into google classrrom every week this half term so they should now be able to do this independently. When they find their stories, they should have written a text that is similar to the text I will write below. Chidlren just need to make sure they are at this point and then check and uplevel their work. This means check for spellings, add joining words such as and, but , beacuse. Then check for punctuation such as  full stops, commas, exclamation marks. Speech marks are not a Year 3 requirement yet but if they wish to add those please do. We have also tried to add words from our spelling lists in i.e angrily, nosily etc.  Many of the ideas children have written have been taken from the original story and this is fine. Children have also started making the front cover but this will not be complete. If they want to complete that it is also fine. The text should read similar to this.


Millie knew it was going to be an awful weekend because her annoying Grandmother was coming to stay. She was grumpy, grouchy and miserable. She had wicked little eyes and a mouth like a puckered up dog's bottom. She also had pale brown teeth because she drank so much tea. She was always shouting at Millie and demanding to be served. 'Millie make me a cup of tea and make it snappy", she shouted angrily from the living room. 'Yes, grandma', Millie replied and  she ran obediently to the kitchen.

Autumn Term 1 spellings

Autumn 2 spellings

Dear Parents,

Below I have added some links to websites that can help children with their learning.