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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Year 3 Homework and Website Links

Update Friday 10 th May

The spellings for next few weeks are below under Summer 1 spellings. We are on week 1 and will be doing next week's  test on Monday. 


Dear Parents,

Please find below the spelling lists for the next feew weeks . We will have the week three spelling test on Monday 15th April.  I also ask  that children complete a chapter a week of their I Belong Book in preparation for their First Holy Communion. We completed chapters before Christmas in preparation for Reconciliation. Each week chidlren will complete one chapter and hand in on Wednesday to be returned on Friday. Here is an overview of the chapters to be completed over the next half term.

Chapter 6- this chapter focuses on the Word of God, discuss the readings and parables read at church.

Chapter 7-this chapter focuses on the preparation of the host and the meaning of the 'bread'.

Chapter 8- the children will be learning about the wine we use and what it means to us.

Chapter 9 and 10 are the main focus of our preparation, discussing the Last Supper and the consecration at Mass

Chapter 11- this is a shorter chapter than the others

Please work through a chapter a week and we will discuss the chapters at school each week in R.E lessons. 

Many thanks,

Mrs Robinson 



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Act of Contrition/ Sorry Prayer




Dear Parents,

Below I have added some links to websites that can help children with their learning.