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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

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St Anne's Catholic

Primary School

Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Mini Vinnies

Our Mission

Mini Vinnies is a Christian organisation which gets children to put their faith into action.  Members give support to people in their community, meeting them face to face and trying to help them in any way they can.

We meet regularly at school to discuss our concerns and to decide what we can do to turn our concerns into action.  All children from Year 5 and Year 6 are eligible to join. The group have discussed different activities/events that we would like to do for example:

Visiting elderly people

Helping at an animal rescue centre

"Streetly's got Talent or Streetly Come Dancing" we will perform for the elderly in our parish

Helping at the local food bank

Litter picking

Christmas gifts for less fortunate people

Volunteering at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Sleep Out for the homeless

Our First major event of 2023/24 was our Advent Appeal for Ronald McDonald House at Birmingham Children's Hospital.   We delivered 85 new cuddly toys to the House, so that they could give presents to children on Christmas Day.  We hope to continue to do some further work with them in 2024.




Delivering to Ronal McDonald house


Preparing for our Oakwood Fundraising

Halloween Art Competition - Oakwood School 2019

Preparing for our Litter Pick

The Forget-me-not carol service


On the 12th December the year 6 class and the Mini Vinnies went to St Anne's church and sang 5 Christmas songs to the elderly parishioners and the Forget-me-not group.The children walked to the church with the teachers with Christmas hats on and sang to the parishioners and the Forget-me-not group. After they sang they gave out the Christmas cards that they had made the day before. The parishioners said thank you to the children for their lovely singing and cards. Then the children walked back to school to continue their busy school day. 

The reason they did this was they wanted to share their gifts and talents to the group as they wanted to show that they will not forget the people who have dementia.



Molly-Rose Byrne