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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Pupil Parliament


Welcome to the St Anne's Pupil Parliament webpage


Our Pupil Parliament is a group of children from Year 6 and Year 5. They work with the teacher Minister to help improve our school and the experiences for all pupils at St Anne’s. It is an important way for the teachers to hear the views of pupils at St Anne's and for children to have their say in matters that effect them.


Pupils in the Parliament at St Anne's need to be:

  • Responsible and reliable
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Good at listening to everyone
  • Confident at talking in front of others
  • Sensible and hardworking
  • Fair and honest
  • Role Models


Children who would like to put themselves forward for one of the Ministerial roles, are encouraged to speak to parents, friends and teachers. Then, they are asked to create a short speech that tells their classmates what they will bring to the role, why they should be considered and why pupils should vote for them. Children then deliver this speech to their peers and the class will then vote for the pupils they feel would be best suited to represent them for each position.


The Ministers in our Pupil Parliament this year are:




Ministerial Duties

Minister for 2021-2022

Primary Minister

The person in this Ministerial Role will lead the Pupil Parliament. This Minister will also lead the meetings and liaise with staff and other adults

Louis – Y6

Deputy Primary Minister

The person in this Ministerial role will work with the Primary Minister and take charge when then Primary Minister is not available

Ellissia – Y6

Ministers for Play


This role is designed to evaluate and help improve all aspects of playing at St Anne’s

Joshua – Y6

Roman – Y5

Ministers for Curriculum & Learning

This role is designed to support and help improve all aspects of the curriculum and learning at St Anne’s

Jessica - Y6

Faryday – Y5

Ministers for Behaviour & Wellbeing

This role is designed to support and help improve all aspects of behaviour and pupil wellbeing at St Anne’s

Grace – Y6

Megan – Y5

Ministers for Food, Health & Fitness


This role is designed to evaluate, support and improve all aspects around food, healthy lifestyles and fitness of children at St Anne’s

Leah – Y6

Ava – Y5


These Ministers will work collaboratively to support all other Ministers in their duties

Sophie, Rhys & Evan – Y6

Douglas, Evie & Florence – Y5

What are we up to? 
If you have any ideas or suggestions, please give your teacher or a member of the Pupil Parliament a memo with your idea. 

May 2022

Mr Caddick’s board games club will be resuming next term. 

May 2022

There was a suggestion for a debating club, but we felt by the majority of members that this was not needed as we do lots of debating through our curriculum.


There was a suggestion that the children missed being with other classes on the playground and would like to go back to having all of KS2 together. However, at the end of the discussion, the children agreed they liked the extra space it gave them to play when having just two classes on the KS2 playground - there were far less arguments, fallings out and accidents! It was finally agreed to keep these arrangements as they are.


We are currently consulting with the children and staff their views about homework at St Anne's. This will be discussed at our next meeting.


We are also thinking about if the children would like a board games club (we miss Mr Caddick's club), how we could organise it and who would run it. 



May 2022

Following on from a suggestion by a member of Parliament, we have been researching the ideas of 'Mindful Monday's' & 'Well-Being Wednesday's'. It was also agreed that teachers should take part in these sessions to help with their mindfulness and well-being too. Ideas have been gathered, Mrs Turley has fed back to the SLT and it will be rolled out in June 2022.



Ideas and activities gathered for Mindful Monday's and Well-Being Wednesday's, although this is just the start:

  • Meditations
  • Calming music
  • Emotive picture slideshows
  • Mindfulness colourings
  • Colour by numbers
  • Querkles 
  • Doodling & Zentangles
  • Journaling
  • 12 Days of Positivity & Positive affirmations
  • Yoga 
  • Breathing activities
  • Brain Break Activities
  • A walk on the field
  • Gardening
  • Laying watching the clouds and trees..............




May 2022

We have been looking at how we can improve the atmosphere in the dining room at lunchtime. In consultation with Mrs Turley, Mrs Johnston, The school cooks & dinner staff, a few changes have been made.



We like the food from the cooks. The food is generally tasty, healthy and it was felt we are served enough - although Y5 & Y6 like the leftovers! We like the changes made in COVID where there were less children in the dining room. This change is now going to be made permanent. The older children now serve up their own ketchup. It was felt they had to wait too long when served by the dinner supervisors and their dinner was nearly finished before they got it. Y6 trialled the process and it is going to be brought out to Y5 too. We missed the salad bar! This helps keep us healthy and full - it has returned following it's COVID break. Class reward points are now given by dinner supervisors for class good behaviour choices. This has helped make the dining room a quieter, calmer and nicer place to be. Stickers are also given out to individuals who show particular good behaviour choices, healthy eating or random acts of kindness. Mrs Johnston has seen this positive change for herself during her recent times in the dining room at lunchtime. We are going to look to see if there is a possibility of music being played in the dining room at lunchtimes.

April 2022

We have worked closely with Mrs Johnston and Mrs Turley to review the school's current marking policy. Children liked teacher's marking and felt it helped them improve. However, there were some things they didn't like, need or understand. In consultation with the SLT, the marking policy has now been updated reflecting our views.



Teachers now mark in any colour as we felt it had a negative impact when they write in red. It was also felt that this would happen if teachers stuck to the same colour, so we decided that we would like lots of colours to stop this negative "dreaded marking" feeling. The older children also thought they would like more stickers, stampers and smiley faces as rewards for achieving well (just as the younger children do) and needed more time to respond appropriately to marking. It was felt that teachers do not need to write as much - the marking key will help. The marking key was reduced and simplified to help everyone understand what marking meant and ensure marking was consistent across the board. The updated marking policy has now been stuck in the front of our exercise books for us to refer to.

March 2022

We currently have two projects:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the school’s marking policy
  • Monitoring and evaluating the routines and atmosphere in the dining hall and the playgrounds for both KS1 & KS2 and consider how we could improve lunchtimes for the children