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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

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St Anne's Catholic

Primary School

Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

School Closure Home Learning

Summer Term - April 2020


Welcome back to home learning after 2 week off for Easter - a summer term like no other. I would like to thank you for your support and patients as we embark on this strange time for everyone - parents and children alike. 


In Reception, we suggest about 1 hour of formal learning to take place at home. My daily messages will point you in the right direction. The subject pages will give you more ideas to further learning and get creative. 


The government have been busy coordinating an initiative called 'Oak National Academy' which has brought together teachers and experts to create a learning platform that you can use at home. It went live as of April 20th 2020. There are video presentations from Early Years teachers to support learning at home. You might want to supplement your child's day with these. Please click the link below to find daily activities for Reception:


The BBC have also been busy creating daily learning. BBC Bitesize website includes videos from experts and famous people. Learning does start from Year 1 and NOT Reception. However, on initial inspection there are a few things that would suit Reception children (not the English and Maths). Please remember that the activities are not expectations for a Reception child.


Remember Parents - at this difficult time, the most important thing is that children are happy, safe and feel loved. Don't worry if your child is not in the correct mindset for focused activities or if you've got lots of your own work to do. Play and creativity is the most important thing at their age. The children will benefit more from staying calm and relaxed at this time. Once the children return to school, staff at St Anne's will ensure that any learning continues, gaps are filled and children return to making the progress they were making before the closure. 


Don't forget to keep sending photos or videos of what you're up to. It's been lovely to see people learning to ride their bikes, reading using phoneme fingers, wonderful writing, amazing constructions and pictures.


Love and prayers


Mrs Turley


Things to do Daily

  • Daily Prayer

  • Daily Reading

  • Daily Handwriting

  • Daily Phonics

  • Daily Maths

  • Share Stories

  • Be active

  • Go outside

  • Get creative

  • Make things

  • Play

  • Listen to music

  • Have fun



Reading Books

You have reading books your child can read. Please focus on one book per week. There are lots of flash cards on the Literacy page of this website to help further with segmenting and blending to read. You could then use these flash cards as dictation ideas. Your child could also try to put these words into a simple sentence and try to write it. I will advise which new digraphs and tricky words to learn. Can your child begin to read some familiar picture books using their phonics skills?



I have sent home two exercise books (one lined and one plain paper) for you to use at home to record any activities you wish. In the meantime, please ensure you have pencils, crayons, felt tips, scissors, glue and possibly collage materials for your child to use whilst away from school. Puzzles and games would also support children during this time.


Please don’t feel your child needs to be learning all day every day. We suggest up to 1 hour a day. Learning at home is different than learning in school.  I don’t advise that you try to do this all in one go if it’s a formal task. That would not be appropriate expectations for a child of 4 or 5. Spend 5 or 10 minutes and then let them have a snack/play/practical task and then return later. Remember, anything can be learning. From making a sandwich, playing a board game, playing Lego, dressing up, to playing with coins. 


Some people have suggested they might make a family timetable, behaviour chart or even put children in their school jumper or cardigan to suggest it is time for learning. Find what works for you and your family. If you find something works then share this on the class WhatsApp group. 

Your child might have questions for you. Answer them honestly, but at an age appropriate level being careful not to scare your child. Be careful what news pictures are on in your house. Children see things differently to adults and something small to us might cause children to worry unnecessarily. 


I would love to see how the children are getting on. I ask that you send me one picture a week of something your child is proud of. It could be a writing task, maths challenge, creative task, outdoor activity, a great photo they’ve taken or even learning to make a sandwich of the first time. I intend to add pictures to the class website just as I do when we’re in school. 


Remember to make time for prayer. The children could share the morning prayer, grace before & after meal prayers and the evening prayer. You could even do some mindfulness and meditation using the videos from the Autumn 1 page. I'm sure the children can talk you through what we do in school.


If you do something that works with your child, please let me know.

Useful Documents:

Some things to try at home