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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Trick Box


As of November 2020, we are excited to be introducing the 'Trick Box' programme to St Anne's. The programme focuses on:




Body language

Self belief




Emotional management


Solution thinking














It is intended to help children to develop early happy and healthy habits to:


  • Recognise and self-manage emotions
  • Develop mindful awareness around body and mind connections
  • Build awareness and choices 
  • Create confident, mindful decision making
  • Set and achieve positive goals
  • Develop communication skills to enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Problem solve and create solution thinking
  • Build confidence to try new things in new ways
  • Develop positive mindset building long-term resilience



In Reception, there are 6 tricks that we will use with the children. It is intended that we will focus on 1 trick for each half term. In Reception, each trick focuses on the character Drew and his dog Doodle. We have story books, trick cards, a Trick Box display including a real life Doodle teddy and Drew. Each new trick will be added to the display and referred to through the year.



The model that Trick Box uses, teaches children the following model:

Accept - This is what is going on. This is how I feel.

Be - I want to be better

Choose - What can I choose to do?

Do - Do it


As adults, we will support the child by asking:

Accept - What's going on? So, this is what's going on. How does that make you feel? So this is how you feel.

Be - You want it to be better - How could it be better?

Choose - What can you choose to do?

Do - Now do it!


The tricks we will be focusing on in Reception are:

  • Mirror Mirror - You're Great!
  • Stand Tall
  • Breathing Colour
  • Floating Cloud
  • Win-Win
  • Free Flow


More information about each trick will be added to this website as they are introduced to the children.

Mirror Mirror

This develops children's confidence as they practise saying something positive about themselves in front of a mirror (or a pretend mirror!) As we get older, we often find saying nice things about ourselves a bit awkward and embarrassing, but it's so important that we can find something we like about ourselves, or something we think we are good at. Why don’t you try it yourselves at home too as a family?


We are learning to say ‘I’m great’ and think about some of the things that make us great.


Stand Tall

This trick teaches the children to recognise the power of body language in themselves and in others. When we are feeling worried, upset or anxious about something, our bodies can express this in certain ways. But when we feel confident, we show this by having a strong core and by 'standing tall.' Actively trying to adjust our posture and stand tall, even when we're not feeling this way, can have a positive impact on the way we feel. Try it yourselves at home; 'shoulders back, head up and stand tall!'


We are learning that sometimes we get a funny feeling in our tummies when we feel worried, nervous or scared. This is called ‘butterflies’. When this happens we can Stand Tall and say ‘I can do it’. This will help us to do things we find difficult. 


Floating Cloud

This trick teaches children how to relax and be mindful. As we go through life, we can develop tense mind and body states that we are not consciously aware of. These can then become habitual. Mindful relaxation helps to train the mind and body to relax and to recognise what that feels like, allowing us to choose to be so at a given moment. ‘Floating Cloud’ combines the breathing techniques learnt with the physical relaxation of the body. It links with the mindfulness guided meditation we do in Reception. The children begin by tensing their bodies and then releasing so that they can feel the difference in their bodies. Mrs Turley puts on some calm music for the children to listen to. The children then close their eyes and breathe slowly in through their nose and out through their mouth. They hear that they are safe and learn to relax. They imagine that they are floating on a big, white, fluffy cloud. They allow the tension to escape from their bodies all whilst imagining themselves to be floating on a cloud. The children think about where their ‘happy place’ would be and  imagine themselves in this place instead of on a cloud. We then move through a guided mindfulness meditation.


We are learning the skill of relaxation and mindful meditation. Perhaps you could try listening to some calming mindfulness music when you feel stressed and tense at home.


For information on how Trick Box is being used in other schools and how it supports the children, please watch this BBC news clip: