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St Anne's Catholic

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Live, Love and Learn together with Christ.

Governing Body

What is the Governing Body and role of Governors?

The governing body provides strategic leadership and accountability at St Anne’s. It has three key functions:

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.
  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction: ensuring the Catholic character of the school is preserved and that the school is conducted in accordance with the trust deed of the Archdiocese of Birmingham.
  • Governors set the aims and objectives for the school and set the policies and targets for achieving those aims and objectives. They monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making and act as a source of challenge and support to the headteacher. In action, this means:
  • Appointing and performance reviewing the headteacher and senior leaders, including making decisions about pay.
  • Managing budgets, oversight of premises, health & safety and deciding how money is spent.
  • Engaging with pupils, staff, parents and the school community.
  • Sitting on panels and making decisions about things like pupil exclusions and staff disciplinary.
  • Addressing a range of education issues within the school including disadvantaged pupils, pupils with special needs, staff workload and teacher recruitment.
  • Looking at data and evidence to ask questions and have challenging conversations about the school.


How is the Governing Body structured?

There are 12 Governors on St Anne’s Governing Body, appointed or elected by the various stakeholders that make up the school community. There are 7 Foundation Governors, representing the Archbishop of Birmingham, 1 Local Authority Governor appointed by Walsall Council, 2 Parent Governors – elected by parents and 2 Staff Governors (Headteacher and 1 elected staff member). Governors are volunteers and are not paid for their time.

All governors meet as a Full Governing Body at least once each half term. There are also sub-committees which allow governors to focus on specific areas or to fulfil certain functions:

Pastoral & Spiritual Committee – oversight of Catholic Life, Religious Education, Collective Worship, pastoral issues and admissions.

Curriculum and Staffing Committee – oversight of educational standards, curriculum, non-delegated staffing and pay decisions.

Appraisal Committee – performance management of the Headteacher.

Academies Committee – ensuring the school is ‘academy ready’ in line with the expectations of the Archbishop of Birmingham.

Other committees or panels may be convened as, and when, required.


Who are the Governors?

Michael Flower (Chair, LA Governor)


Hello, I’m Michael and I’m Chair of Governors at St Anne’s. I live just down the road and attend the parish of St Anne’s here in Streetly. My son is currently at the school. I was previously a councillor for 9 years so bring knowledge and links with the local authority to the governing body. My main skills are in buildings and finance, as my professional work is in property, and I bring a business skill set to the school. I have a passion for Catholic education and want to ensure all children at the school receive an education at St Anne’s that is not only academically excellent, but provides a loving and rich experience centred around the joy of the Gospel. I am the link Governor for Health and Safety and Staff Wellbeing.

Fiona Tassell (Vice Chair, Parent Governor)


I am Fiona and one of the parent governors at St. Anne’s. I have recently agreed to share the job of Vice Chair with one of the much more experienced governors. I attend the Parish of St. Anne’s and my son attends the school. My background is teaching, and I have been a teacher at a large secondary school for 22 years. I bring knowledge and experience from Education with me but St Anne’s being a one form entry school feels more like a family. When I go into St Anne’s I can feel the warmth and care that staff have for the pupils and this results in outstanding teaching and learning. This is the number one reason why I sent my only child to St Anne’s and I decided to apply to be a governor. I am also involved in the PTA which is a very active part of the school. Every penny raised enhances all of the children's education. Catholic Education is of a very high standard at St. Anne’s and our role as governors is to ensure this continues for the future. I am the link governor for RE and I work closely with Fr. Gwil who is a wonderful asset to the school and Parish.


Sally Stone (Vice Chair, Foundation Governor)


Hi my name is Sally Stone, I live in Streetly, I am married and a mother of two.  I am currently vice chair of governors at St Anne’s. I thoroughly enjoy being a governor at St Anne’s, a post I have held for over 10 years. I have been a qualified teacher for thirty years and most of that time I have worked in Catholic Schools. I currently work as Inclusion Lead, and a member of the senior leadership team at a Catholic school in Birmingham. I am passionate about Catholic Education, both of my children were educated in Catholic school. I’m link governor for both safeguarding and special needs.


Fr Gwil Lloyd (Foundation Governor)


I am Fr Gwilym Lloyd. I've been the Parish Priest at St Anne's Streetly since 2002. I visit the school weekly and have a great love for Catholic Education as I see the faith growing and develop in the lives of the children. Before becoming a priest I was a senior lecturer in Law at Bristol Polytechnic. I also bring a legal mind to matters relating to the school. I am link Governor for Catholic Life and Collective Worship and Chair of the Pastoral & Spiritual Committee.


Sarah Brackett (Foundation Governor)


Hello, I’m Sarah and I volunteered to be a Foundation Governor when my youngest son was in Reception at St Anne’s and that was fourteen years ago. I have worked in education all my working life and my specialism is Special Needs. I attend the parish of St Anne’s where I often run the Children’s Liturgy. I am Chair of the Curriculum Committee and link governor for PE.


Lindsey McQueen (Parent Governor)


My name’s Lindsey McQueen and I was elected a Parent Governor in October 2018. My two children have just started their journey at St Anne’s with my eldest in Reception and my youngest in Nursery.  I enjoy being actively involved with the school and using my experience in corporate governance to ensure that St Anne’s continues to provide the very best education, pastoral care and nurturing environment for our children. As a former alumnus of St Anne’s, the school is very close to my heart and I am delighted that my children will grow and learn about God’s work in this wonderful school. I am the link governor for EYFS, IT and Compliance.

Sarah Resch (Foundation Governor)


Hello, I am Sarah and I’m one of the Foundation Governors at St Anne’s. I used to attend St Anne’s school myself, as did my two children and we attend the St Anne’s Church in Streetly, where I also often run the Children’s Liturgy on a Saturday evening. I work in the Customer Research team for a High Street Bank and so bring knowledge from marketing and business background to the governing body. As a Foundation Governor, my role is to ensure the Catholic vision and character of the school is preserved so I am passionate about maintaining the loving and caring ethos and atmosphere in St Anne’s. I am the link Governor for Maths.

John Dowd (Foundation Governor)


I’m John, a Foundation Governor. My two children were both at St Anne’s. I work at Birmingham University; working in the education sector I have an appreciation of pedagogy and wider teaching practices. Prior to that I was in Business Development, relevant experience I hopefully bring are financial, workforce and business planning. St Anne’s is not just a school but a ‘community’ based on our faith. We have fantastic staff who aspire to the highest academic endeavour, along with all the Moms, Dads and Family who play their part every day to make this such a fantastic school. I really believe you can tell a child who has been at St Anne’s, not just because of the education they receive but the values and behaviours they display, all down to every one of us working together. I am the link Governor for Modern Foreign Languages and Science...but please don’t test me!

Steph Shanahan  (Foundation Governor)

Hello, I am Stephanie Shanahan and I am a Foundation Governor at St Anne’s School.  I have been a Governor for some 12 years having served on various committees over the years with Finance being a common theme alongside other committees during this time.  I have worked in the Financial Sector for 41 years so bring a good deal of knowledge around this subject to the Governing Body as well as general business knowledge.


I have had a long association with St Anne’s having had three children attend the school during which time I volunteered within the School and ran the Uniform Club for many years raising funds for the School for the ultimate benefit of pupils..  I attend St Anne’s Church and am a Special Minister.


Whilst I no longer have children within the education sector, as pupils, I do have a deep passion to ensure our Catholic Education continues for future generations, having seen the benefits that being a pupil at St Anne’s had for my children, not only in educational standards but, and equally, if not more importantly, in allowing them to develop into very well rounded individuals.


I am the link Governor for History &Geography.


Pat O’Kane  (Foundation Governor)


I have lived in St Anne's parish for over 40 years and my sons, Marcus and Dominic, attended the school. Before retiring I was headteacher of St Teresa's Catholic School in Birmingham and so have had a long association with Catholic Education. I was previously Chair of Governors here at St Anne’s and I am pleased to be a governor of such a happy and successful school. I am the link Governor for English.


Trish Johnston (Headteacher)

Jose Swift (Staff Governor)


How can I contact the Governing Body?


Governors can be contacted through the school office, or alternatively please contact the Chair of Governors: